Have a look at how much Wikini has improved over the years.

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Version 1.45

Released: 2022-09-10

  • Use desktop version of articles to avoid display problems
  • Improved article view, especially in Dark Mode

Version 1.44

Released: 2022-02-17

  • Support for all Wikipedia languages
  • Home page with description for picture of the day
  • More animations on home page and sidebar
  • Read aloud shows progress with slider
  • Article view shows localized language in tooltip
  • Surroundings map with loading indicator
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.43

Released: 2021-09-19

  • Article view with serif or sans-serif typeface
  • Improved article view background
  • Improved in-article search bar
  • Updated design and various improvements

Version 1.42

Released: 2021-02-07

  • Surroundings map
  • Article view with image gallery
  • Scroll and zoom images with cursor

Version 1.41

Released: 2021-01-31

  • Automatically change design in article view
  • Automatically update font size in article view
  • Read aloud with context menu to jump to section
  • Performance and layout improvements

Version 1.40

Released: 2021-01-24

  • Context menu for articles and selection in article view
  • Read aloud with media controls and playback in background
  • Display description in article view
  • Remove article from history
  • Improved context menu for links in article view
  • More design improvements

Version 1.39

Released: 2021-01-17

  • Command bar in article view at top
  • Revamped home page design
  • Switch to Fluent Icons
  • Random picture of the day; hide picture
  • Additional tooltips

Version 1.38

Released: 2020-06-21

  • Improved article view for languages written from right to left

Version 1.37

Released: 2020-05-23

  • Search with speech recognition
  • Highlight the selected language in sidebar
  • Display the article in the title bar

Version 1.36

Released: 2020-05-20

  • Tabs in the sidebar
  • Highlight the active entry in the table of contents
  • Better scroll bar in the article view, especially in Dark Mode
  • Performance and layout improvements
  • Separator between main chapters in the table of contents

Version 1.35

Released: 2020-03-27

  • Improved article view in Dark Mode

Version 1.34

Released: 2020-02-14

  • Display can now be turned off by the power management while reading an article
  • Setting to keep the display on while reading an article

Version 1.33

Released: 2019-12-01

  • Select your favorite languages
  • Display all Wikipedia languages in the language selection on the start page

Version 1.32

Released: 2019-11-24

  • New background on start page
  • Setting whether the picture of the day is displayed on the start page at startup
  • Fixed failing requests for Windows versions before 1903

Version 1.31

Released: 2019-11-06

  • New logo and accent color
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.30

Released: 2019-10-26

  • Improved design
  • Migrated to WinUI and App Center

Version 1.29

Released: 2019-10-24

  • Read aloud function with voice settings
  • Search field in dark design improved
  • Article languages with localized title
  • Improved design of history

Version 1.28

Released: 2019-10-18

  • Home page with picture of the day
  • Alphabetical sorting of favorites
  • History pane with context menu

Version 1.27

Released: 2019-10-12

  • Search results with image
  • Favorites pane with context menu
  • Setting whether the last opened article is displayed at startup
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.26

Released: 2019-10-06

  • Improved search on the home page
  • Note if history and favorites do not contain any entries
  • Show favorites in article view

Version 1.25

Released: 2019-09-21

  • Display settings as a sidebar
  • Grouping of the history by date
  • Setting to select the app language
  • Setting whether the sidebar is displayed next to the content
  • Explicit close button for the sidebar

Version 1.24

Released: 2019-09-18

  • Dutch and Polish translation

Version 1.23

Released: 2019-07-12

  • Context menu for links in article view
  • Display language abbreviations
  • Article sharing improved
  • Article view improved
  • Some icons replaced
  • Bugfixes
  • Minimum version of Windows 10 raised to 1809 (October 2018)

Version 1.22

Released: 2019-06-08

  • Fluent Design improved
  • Italian translation improved (Thanks Matteo!)
  • Portuguese translation
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.21

Released: 2019-02-14

  • Search in article completed
  • Download images

Version 1.20

Released: 2019-02-02

  • Show articles in full screen
  • Spanish and Italian translation
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.19

Released: 2019-01-27

  • Search in article (highlights hits, more to follow soon)

Version 1.18

Released: 2018-12-27

  • Show last opened article again at startup
  • Do not lock device when reading an article

Version 1.17

Released: 2018-10-20

  • Display opened articles in Windows Timeline
  • Read aloud function for articles
  • Improved text scaling (desktop only, for mobile there is unfortunately no solution for the gigantic font)
  • Setting whether called articles are displayed in Windows Timeline
  • Bug fixes and optimizations

Version 1.16

Released: 2018-09-16

  • Setting whether only articles from the current session are displayed in the history
  • Clear history

Version 1.15

Released: 2018-09-02

  • Improved article view in Dark Mode
  • Add article to history only once
  • Fixed color of the title bar in Dark Mode

Version 1.14

Released: 2018-08-03

  • List of favorite articles
  • History will now be saved
  • Improved article view
  • Additional icons for command bars

Version 1.13

Released: 2018-07-19

  • Fluent Design
  • Show article description in search results
  • Show additional buttons in article view
  • Close the image view with escape
  • Show additional captions in image view

Version 1.12

Released: 2017-11-26

  • Zoom pictures of articles

Version 1.11

Released: 2017-10-25

  • Show and click through pictures of articles

Version 1.10

Released: 2017-10-22

  • Improved display of transparent images in Dark Mode

Version 1.9

Released: 2017-10-20

  • Show mathematical formulas in Dark Mode
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.8

Released: 2017-06-11

  • Pin articles to Start
  • Setting whether images are loaded

Version 1.7

Released: 2017-05-18

  • Display footnotes as a popup
  • Anchors in the article view work now
  • Use anchor of links to other articles

Version 1.6

Released: 2017-05-10

  • Wikini is now also available on the desktop!
  • History, table of contents and language selection with light transparency
  • Disable table of contents and language selection if there are no entries

Version 1.5

Released: 2017-04-21

  • Setting for font size in article view

Version 1.4

Released: 2017-02-26

  • Back/forward in article view to switch between recently opened articles (After the article finished loading the app will restore the previous scroll position.)
  • Share articles, e.g. per e-mail or messenger apps
  • Resolve redirects to a different article
  • Open settings from the article view
  • Overview of all released updates and their respective changelog
  • French translation (Thanks to Rémi!)

Version 1.3

Released: 2017-02-08

  • Improved live search
  • Changing the language triggers search
  • Enter triggers the search
  • Notice 'no articles found'

Version 1.2

Released: 2017-02-04

  • Dark Mode

Version 1.1

Released: 2017-01-24

  • Tooltips for listview items
  • Bugfixes

Version 1.0

Released: 2017-01-16

  • Search for articles in selected language
  • Live search
  • Table of contents of the article
  • Change language of the article
  • Open article in browser
  • History of viewed articles
  • Open a random article
  • Open homepage of Wikipedia
  • Setting whether live search should be executed when connected to a metered network
  • Setting whether all sections should be collapsed when opening articles