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Awesome features

Wikini has so many great features it's hard to keep track. Which one do you like most?

Light / Dark design

You can choose between a light and dark design for the app and article. Or you can let the design depend on your current Windows setting. No matter if you are team light or dark, everything looks great!

Live search

Immediately while you are typing a list of the first found articles is displayed to you. For a better overview a short description and a picture are displayed in addition to the title.

Read articles to you

Wikini has a built-in voice function that can read every article to you. Split up into sections, automatically one by one. The reading speed and the voice can be adjusted to your liking.

Picture browser

Flip through all pictures in the current article or see all images in the gallery. If you would like to keep a picture, just download it to your device.

Favorite articles

Create a collection of your favorite articles and access them whenever you need.

Beautiful start

The home page is your starting point into Wikipedia. Search for an article, access your favorites and history or get lost by opening a random article. The great content of Wikipedia at your fingertips, underlaid with a beautiful picture of the day.

Windows integration

Pin articles to your Start menu for easy access.

All your visited articles are shown in the Timeline and help you keep track. If you don't want this you can disable the feature in the settings.

Articles on steroids

The article view has so many great features we can only list the highlights:

  • Search for any text in the article and cycle through the highlighted results.
  • The interactive table of contents provides overview and lets you jump to any section.
  • Customize the font size to make reading even easier.
  • Enter the full-screen mode to get even more space out of the screen.
  • Use the voice function to have the article read out to you.
  • Switch to any language in which the article is also available.
  • Share the article with other people or apps.
  • Click on a picture to open the picture browser and flip through all of the article's pictures and their description. See all images at once in the gallery.

Wait! There's more

If you are still not convinced, see what else Wikini has to offer.

Modern design

Wikini follows the Fluent Design guidelines and makes heavy use of acrylic material and shadows. It just looks beautiful and modern!


Wikini supports all Wikipedia languages and is available in numerous languages. Contact us if you want to help add or improve your language.

Regular updates

Watch out for regular new features and improvements! Your Feedback is much appreciated and taken into account for future updates.

Free, no ads

You can download Wikini for free from the Microsoft Store. It does not contain any in-app purchases and will not bother you with ads. Ever.

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